Prof. DR. Ahrar Khan Patron CLEP(Dean-FVS)

In any society, children play vital role since they are the future of any country or civilization. It is the duty of elders including parents, teachers and society members to actively engage in the moral grooming, conscientiousness, education, health as well as the physical well being of the children to build a strong and progressive society.
As we move towards progress and success, the financial, educational and intellectual gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening and the concept of humanity and serving humanity is perhaps becoming less important. Our dealing and every day social intercourse engross up in such a way that the real purpose of life is just forgotten. In such gloomy environment, Child Labor Eradication Program (CLEP) is a wave of immense fragrance that is giving smiles and hopes to those faces who might have never thought this happiness or might have considered their dreams as idealistic features. CLEP has loaded the young hands with ammunition of education and health, which will help them prosper and acquire knowledge to be a successful citizen of the society. May God help them in their endeavors!


Zia ud Din Sindhu Advisor CLEP

Everything has to face difficulties, worries, problems etc. but the real beauty is how much you are resistant towards it. Every problem has a solution; there is not any issue which doesn’t have any solution. Simply show patience towards it and at the end you will see that all the knots are going to be untied. CLEP did the same, we had talked about Child labor but very few came on the front lines to eradicate it. At that Dusk CLEP has brought a streak of Dawn and Alhamdulillah it has proved itself. CLEP is the family where each member has the same status as blood relationships. Right from the Collection Group Leader to President all equally knows that how much efforts were made to bring a single penny for those Laboring Children whom even their own parents sometimes don't accept or refuse. CLEPIANS are the heroes in true sense. Being an advisor, I am proud of my Family.


Umair Shahid President CLEP

CLEP is an exclusive platform which provides opportunity to help the needy laboring children. I am greatly honored for being the part of CLEP. I would like to pay my gratitude to all the CLEP members who are and going to be the part of CLEP. May Allah Almighty help all of us to promote the idea of CLEP and to eliminate the child labor from our society?