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Child Labor Eradiction Program - CLEP


Child Labor Eradication Program is a social, welfare organization that is working on frontline in elimination of child labor and promotion of education in Pakistan.
CLEP is a family of dedicated, devoted, fervent and passionate students and teachers who are working voluntarily in field of education by educating laboring child, So that they can enjoy their right to education and can play their part in betterment of our beloved state.
CLEP came into existence in the mind of a student just like many of you, who had a vision to think outside the box.
That idea was transferred to his fellows and this small bunch of people started something, they had no idea will prosper this much. CLEP bloomed in the heart of Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan and within no time, it was on everyone’s tongue.
It started supporting 2 laboring kids and the number started increasing gradually. In one year’s time, CLEP was recognized by The Veterinary Medical Society®, due to selfless efforts from its members and resected advisors.
After completing FVS with 200+ donating members, CLEP flourished to other faculties of University. 60+ members actively worked in its core committee and it was everywhere within University and outside too with likes of GC University Faisalabad and RIPHAH Faisalabad.
Currently, CLEP has been supporting about 25 children directly and is supervising MC Model Girls Primary School, Youngwala, Faisalabad by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the City District Government (CDG) Faisalabad and anticipating to go infinity and beyond lest CLEP puts an end to child labor!