Events of CLEP

CLEP is a student based social organization which believe that students should take part in community services to have better understanding about national issues of a common man, so that theses students can play serious part in welfare and development of Pakistan. For this CLEP visits different universities and present its basic idea and working to students. After which interested students enroll as CLEP member. In this way Clep donation member circle keeps increasing and expanding.

Another way for CLEP’S introduction to university students and people relating to education sector is through stalls that CLEP set on different occasions in universities. Volunteering members place different games on stall whose earning is donated completely to CLEP account.

Interactive gatherings prove to be core element in development of better understanding and mutual cooperation. For this CLEP organizes some functions annually in which children under supervision of clep are invited along with their parents to CLEP headquarter UAF. In these functions CLEP conduct activities like games, painting competition, documentary films, annual gifts and much more to build confidence in children and to groom their personalities.

In University of Agriculture Faisalabad UAF all departments have their annual functions annually in which CLEP always give its presentation either in form of some effective plays based on real stories of common people or thank you speeches.