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CLEP Executive team with few CLEP Supporting Child1 Fatiha Khwani for Martyrs of APS Peshawar arranged by CLEP2 CLEP Angels in Annual Function 20163 CLEP Signed MOU  with Government of Education, Punjab to improve quality of education in Government schools4 CLEP awarded by Gold Medal by F.V.S ,for year 0f 20155 Dean , Faculty of Veterinary science opening CLEP donation Box6 Help us to send more laboring children to school7
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Child Labor Eradication Program is a social, welfare organization that is working on frontline in elimination of child labor and promotion of education in Pakistan.




Support the Needy in studies. Aware poor parents/guardians about the needs for education. Better health of children Character and career building.




Education is the only solution for a worn out society because all evils sprout from the seeds of illiteracy and ignorance.



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There are six teams which are perform activities in our organization.

Quote of the month

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
-John C.Maxwell
"Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example."

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Service Image M.Usman (Head)

1- Management and regular updating of lists of CLEP donating members.
2- Preparation and designing of notifications and flexes with the help of Media team.
3- Preparation of official ppt presentation and updating.
4- Preparation of official letters and applications of CLEP.
5- Helping Media tean im functions, skits and stalls by providing required paper work. 6- Designing of pamphlets and placards for CLEP publicity.
7- Maintainig the record sheets, fact sheet, finance sheet under the supervision of treasurer.
8- Arraning workshops for new cabinet member for training under appointed experts.
9- Train at least 2 members with expertise in CDR and PS in every cabinet.

Service Image Naveed Azeem (Head)

- PR Indoor
1- Arranging and co-ordinating membership campaigns.
2- Arranging refreshal seminars atleast once a semester.
3- Booking of lecture rooms, seminar rooms or senate hall for CLEP activities.
4- Conduct seminars and provide data to Documentation and Account Team.
5- Inform Media and Documentation Team to update presentation, notifications etc.
6- Invitation to University Faculty and Delegates at CLEP functions.
7- Conducting occassional survey within and on university premises for Child labor status.
8- Handle all the internal matters of CLEP.
-PR Outdoor
1- Stay in contact with CLEP Children and their Guardians.
2- Fulfiling their needs within CLEP’s budget.
3- Report their performance to president and VP.
4- Handle all the outdoor matters of CLEP.
5- Arranging transport for CLEP children to attend the CLEP functions.
6- Help in opening the new CLEP chapters in other universites and institues.

Service Image Fatima Yaseen (Head)

Membership campaign team is designed to expand circle of CLEP in Universities and talk to well settled and ambitious people for sponsorship or urges people for the support of our mission.. Membership Campaign team introduces CLEP to Head of various institutions and private companies. Within institution its task to get permission for conducting introductory seminars in respective departments. Along with it membership team enroll teachers in CLEP as donating members.

Service Image Rabia Mazhar (Head)

1- Facebook page management.
2- Innovative ideas for CLEP’s message publicity e.g notice board,seminars work shops etc.
3- Keep an eye on upcoming events both at faculty and university level where we can represent CLEP.
4- Participate in those events via stalls or skits.
5- Conduct CLEP function and annual dinner.
6- CLEP notice board management.
7- CLEP cupboard managemment.
8- Ideas for attractive notifications and flexes  give to Documentation Team.
9- Arranging and packing gifts for CLEP chidren as a reward or on special occasion.
10- Coverage of CLEP functions via Pics or Videos.
11- Follow Facebook pages of welfare organization and random web searching for new ideas.

Service Image Farhan Saleem Khan (Head)

1- Accounts team is the back bone of CLEP.
2- Aduiting of CLEP monthly income and expense.
3- Monitoring of CGL performance.
4- Staying in touch with other teams regarding their financial needs.
5- Monthly dispatching of each CLEP child expense to their respective incharge.
6- Maintaining a record of expense list and report to financial advisor on monthly basis.
7- Inform documentation team when to update lists. 8- Management of CLEP’s bank account team.

Service Image Murrafa Batool (Head)

1- Recording and management of donating books and literature.
2- Ideas to improve the system in co-ordination with media team.
3- Management of all the contents of CLEP cupboard and maintainig their lists.
4- Management of reuseable and non-reuseable items left after CLEP stalls and functions.
5- Co-ordination with Documentation Team and Media Team in maintaining CLEP’s notice board.
6- Help in utilizing left over charts and papers etc for new use.
7- Renovation of old Books.